Thursday, June 30, 2005

Why blog?

i'm going to use my first post to discuss why i jumped into the blogsphere:
for some time i avoided getting a blog because i just couldn't understand the value, and quite frankly couldn't understand why i'd want to put my thoughts 'out there' for people to read. i mean, why would anybody want to read or care to read what i had to say about anything. with so many voices out there, what do I have to differentiate myself and add value to the global conversation? wouldn’t it be just noise?

reason 1:
i was recently in a conversation with a friend of mine over vanilla lattes at a local coffee shop, and we were discussing corporate blogging, blogging policies, etc. and chatting about his blogging experience. during this conversation was that critical moment: the point he said 'i've gotten more out of it than i've put into it'. ahh… investment with positive dividends. and thus, my pragmatic midwestern mindset evolved to appreciate the blogsphere. perhaps it won't bear fruit, but i suspect, given the similarities in our personalities and passions, the likelihood is very high i too will gain value greater than the investment.

reason 2:
another important reason is to stay in touch with all those folks out there who i may have lost touch with or who i talk with all too infrequently who have made an influence upon my life. as we get older, the days get shorter, and the time to keep up with those we care about just slip into some vortex humanity has yet to fully grasp. so this space is for you: family, friends, to come and see what I’m up to when I don’t call back right away. so when you find yourself interested in finding out what’s going on in my life, take a stroll through these pages and post your thoughts.

and it is my hope, that here, in my little corner of cyberspace, we will go deeper…


william said...

Welcome to the Blogsphere!

Josh Bancroft said...

Awesome - glad to see you blogging, Adam. Don't know if you remember me, but I was in one of your programming classes a couple of years ago. And I'm a self-describedcrusader/evangelist for blogging in general, and at Intel in particular.

I'm subscribed - looking forward to you being part of the conversation!

adam lake said...

thanks josh, i checked out your page...and yes i do have fond memories of you in my class!

i really enjoyed the teaching thing...just too many things to do...perhaps i'll do it again sometime soon though...