Saturday, August 20, 2005

photo album birthday gift..

my mother made me a very cool photo album for my birthday this year. she had collected up a bunch of photos from the time i was born, and a ton of other artifacts from my childhood and put them together in an photo album. the pages were all decorated with turtles and such as well, it was very craft. it was great fun (and kinda moving) to work through the book, remembering teachers, kindergarten classmates, and comments on the back of report cards. 'doesn't take direction well', 'tends to march to the beat of his own drummer', 'lacks self control'. yeah, prophetic. a couple of the last images (which i will post when i get a chance to hit up a scanner) are of great grandparents and relatives, some of which ran the kitchen at an old logging camp. another photo is of my great great grandmother who was native american. to my knowledge, this is only one of two photographs in our possession that she appears.

thanks mom!! awesome gift!

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