Wednesday, January 18, 2006

a pill to remember...and a pill to forget...

Apparently, scientists are madly at work on a pill that helps you to forget stuff. They are speaking about targeting traumatic situations. Wow..methinks of the interesting implications of such a product.

The lack of posts recently is the hurried pace my life has taken in the annual review process at work, the preperations for 8 weeks sabbatical in australia and new zealand, and the 3 months after that i will be heading to shanghai.

Now, for the most part...this is good stuff, and i've learned alot about the relative competency of the average craigslist hound....i mean, who knew that there were so many people that surf the web that don't actually know how to read ?!? but i've had to prioritize posts lower than in the past. stay posted for pix as we tromp are way around down under!

Right now, I'm listening to some Dream Theater that Chad sent me....6 degrees of inner turbulence. good stuff.

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