Saturday, April 15, 2006

Back in Portland...bought a condo, selling mine

Spent the past few days getting back in the swing of things in Portland. Got a few evenings with friends and caught up on mail, etc. So many things so many things.....biggest news is that I decided to sell my condo and buy a slightly bigger one in the same neighborhood. Now I'll have a real office area and will stop putting burn marks on the kitchen table from laptop batteries. There is more light, and more space. The kitchen is remodeled and bigger, the bathroom is bigger. More details later, we still have to close and such. I really didn't want to leave my building, a great location and some good people, but just needed the space.

Re-entry at work was a real challenge. It felt like the first day of high school walking in again. I started back on a Thursday so the first week was a 2 day week, but I worked a full week last week. I'd be lying if I said it was good to be back at work. It is nice to have a routine and at least know what town I'll be sleeping in for awhile.

Now to get ready for China and the move.

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