Monday, January 01, 2007

Saints Row Hints

Figured out a few things playing Saints Row the past few days that may help others: why buy clothing? For the respect bonus. Missions gain you territory, new cribs, etc. These are the main goals of the game, not the actitivites. Activities get you respect and money to do missions. Also, call up your homies or have the maximum number helping you out on every mission and activity you can. This helps out a lot.

I completed the final mission of the Los Carnales. I found this particularly frustrating and had to repeat the same first scene several times before completing the mission. Basically, the key was to ignore being chased (shoot at drivers early on but don’t make it a priority), use the AK-47 to take out the guys shooting the rocket launchers—this is made easier because the rocket launcher baddies are located near fuel tanks, so you can shoot at the enemy or the fuel barrels. After this stage of the level you proceed to taking out the jet, switch to the rocket launcher, 3 shots should take it out.

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KimPallister said...

you can by-pass cutscenes using the Y button.