Thursday, February 07, 2008


yahoo has been one unexciting company in the past 5 years. given where they were, its depressing to see where they are today, a lack of interesting and useful innovations in a world so filled with opportunity.

the disappointing part about this bid is the fact that this is acknowledgement of a lack of aggressiveness on msft part. they should not need this to take out yahoo, they should be able to do it by being a better player. there seems to be no passion left in this company anymore, somebody took the helium out of their ballon. they'll still grow earnings, they'll still have things to sell that we want, but they won't have the talent they once did, nor the innovation, it'll be just sleepy more of the same-ness.

to the end of the microsoft era,


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Chad said...

I think they should buy facebook for $2 billion and spend the other $42 billion re-inventing their online presence. Forget buying yahoo, they will be small potatoes in a few more years anyway. You're basically paying for their user base. But internet service users are not that loyal -- they will move to new products when they are offered. It's a really dumb move -- i'm wondering if their share price is gonig to suffer further for it.