Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gas Leak, Yikes!

A few days ago I made some dinner…some fresh caught sockeye salmon, cream sauce, and some fresh noodles with peas on the side. It was frickin’ amazing. Anyway…later that day stacey asks if I smell gas. ‘well’, yeah, I do kinda, but just figured it was ‘cause I just cooked’. Next day, we still smell gas. Next morning she calls the gas company to come out and check out the situation. Sure enough, gas leak. I was out working on edits to a SIGGRAPH paper so I wasn’t around. Gas dude tells her where the leak is and how to fix it, she’s off to home depot, buys all the gear, gets in there and replaces the gas line. Cool or what?

Anyway, gas leak is gone thanks to Stacey.

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KimPallister said...

ok, first, I'm amazed the gas dude let her fix the leak. We had a leak once and they came out there like it was a hazmat situation.

Secondly, they probably trusted her because I HAD NO IDEA SHE WAS A NINJA! THe black ninja mask in the photo now makes it so obvious!