Sunday, March 29, 2009

laptop thief in NW PDX coffee shops...

if you've got a habit of leaving your stuff at your table while your using the restroom, think again!

from craigslist:

i want my 13.3 inch macbook back, you jerk! - $1 (stolen in nw downtown portland)

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Date: 2009-03-28, 3:17PM PDT

hello out there, I am appealing to the craigslist crowd to help identify a man worthy of a karma kick straight to the ass. This week I was a college student on spring break, sitting at a cafe working on my new macbook aluminum that i slaved away to purchase to use during college. As a trusting girl that I am, I went and used the bathroom for under a minute while I left all of my belongings in the busy environment of the World Cup cafe in the seemingly friendly neighborhood of 16th and glisan. To my surprise (surprise is the nicest word for it) when I returned my computer was gone. I later found out that two other computers were taken by the same guy in the nw area within four blocks of where I was. Although to be 'out for blood' is an over statement, the other victims of this computer theif, myself included are left without their new macbook pc's and a little peice of each of our hearts. My small business is absolutely obliterated, since it all lived on this 3 month old golden egg investment of a computer. The police officer I spoke with told me that a guy matching all of our descriptions also broke into a hostel across the street from world cup and stole three young traveler's wallets, another stomach churning loss for those people I am sure.

What I want is for anyone buying a macbook aluminum pro or the regular 13.3 inch-er to email me or run the serial code in the portland police dept. database. You will not be held accountable for checking. What does this snatch and run computer theif look like? Around 28 years old, thin, 5 foot 10 inches, (kenian or ethiopean) african male who will wear dark clothing, maybe an ipod or thick framed rx glasses. Believed to be homeless. He walks into cafes in the nw (nw only as far as we all know), doesn't order anything and hangs out people watching. when someone steps out to use their cell phones or take a leak, he casually walks up and takes the open computer in front of everyone. after leaving the building with your investment he will run like hell. We believe he is selling to someone else who may be his dealer or another party that redistributes. If anyone has any information or has also been wronged by the same guy, please send me an email. thanks guys.

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