Monday, May 25, 2009

Church Brewery in Pittsburgh!

I know Matt (aka Father Fife) will love this one: in an old catholic church in Pittsburgh they've converted it into a brewery rather than tear it down. Its a really beautiful building with great food and imbibes.

these were taken on a recent short stay in Pittsburgh area around Mother's day. We spent a solid day sightseeing all around Pittsburgh that includeed a tour of several neighborhoods, a view from Mt. Washington, and a tour of the Frick Estate.


Nico said...

Ha! This is exactly what I was talking about when I told you that there _is_ some stuff to be liked about Pittsburgh :)

My dad and I were here last August :) Imagine my surprise when I saw you picture:


Nico said...

Make that: church brewery front and my dad and I

KimPallister said...

Don't the widmere brothers own a church-turned-pub here in PDX somewhere? I seem to remember visiting one some years back