Friday, September 16, 2005

Backpacking at Jorn Lake

this weekend 3 friends and I headed up to an overnight backpacking trip to Jorn Lake. This was a trip to try out some of our new camping gear before the 8 week Australia/New Zealand adventure in February. It was also our first overnight camping experience.
It started out a bit rainy. okay okay, hail. yes, hail. what amazed me is everyone’s fortitude (people ruled by fear call this stupidity) to start off in the middle of a hail storm and head up 2,500 feet. along the way we stopped by Duffy Lake and another lake start starts with an M. It rained on us most of the way, but by the time we got to Jorn Lake it had cleared up and we found a beautiful campsite right on the waterfront. we had a fabulous dinner (some packs of dehydrated stuff that we added boiling water too….beef stroganoff or something like that).

on the way down we had an awesome day. ran into a hunter who walked with us…one of those guys who had been hiking the area since he was ‘yeah’ big (hand reaches out to side holds up about waist height). was a bit odd, walking down the trail with a guy with a gun in front of you. and the horses man…left the dung everywhere boy I tell you whut…

anyway, I’ll post some images here of the campsite and some of the views we saw along the way. afterwards, we enjoyed an awesome feast at the outback in gresham (something is better about going to the outback in gresham). the salad man...and the bloomin' onion...ohhhhh....

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