Thursday, September 01, 2005

Travel to Tokyo: Raw Chicken

After the talk I went out to dinner with a Japanese co-worker who took me to an authentic Japanese restaurant. He ordered a bunch of different small dishes to try things. one of the things this restaurant specializes in is ‘sushi-chicken’. That’s right folks, raw chicken. and guess what it tastes like? you guessed right! they also give you a bit of ginger to put on it. now, I wouldn’t make a habit of eating it but I did have a second serving. we also had some delicious chicken balls. these were like meatballs but made with chicken roasted over a fire for a really flavorful taste. I also had a few other dishes and quite possibly the best fried tofu I’ve ever tasted! it was amazing, probably made fresh at the restaurant. on the left is the fried tofu and in the middle is the sliced chicken sashimi.


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