Saturday, March 04, 2006

New Zealand: The North Island!

Since we only had 7 days on the North Island we've been busy and haven't had much Internet time. Did find out a friend of ours will be joining us in Australia for 2 weeks due to his recently available free time. Sweet as!

So, after our boat ride across the channel we got to Wellington. We decided we liked it there so much we decided to spend a few nights. We went out and saw Biscuits and Coffee, a play at a tiny little theater called Bats, saw a movie or two, Syriana and Walk the Line, both good but dramatically different plots.

After Wellington we headed up to see the glowworms at Waitomo caves. We abseiled down a rope, did some caving and rolled around in some inner tubes in the cold cave water, and climbed back out of the cave. The whole trip was about 5 hours and the guide and people we went with were great, Rap, Raft and Rock. Highly recommended bargain. If you've never seen glowworms before they are absolutely AMAZING creatures.

After our caving adventure, we headed up to Auckland and did a very cool ropes course just west of the city. They had 8 courses and we are now totally sore, well I'm totally sore, I actually fell off of the 8th course but no worries cheers mate sweet as no problem cause I was caribinered into a safety rope. I just fell cause I got tired trying to cross these horseshoe things about 40meters off the ground. Ugh. Stacey cleared them all like a champ. If you've ever played Psychonauts there are a few levels, particularly the last one, that have some moves just like the ones we were doing, with the nets and everything. We did that today.

So tonight, we'll be heading up to the sky tower of skycity for a last night in Auckland buffet feast and a look about town before we head off to Australia tomorrow!

Good bye New Zealand! We're tired and sore, but we've enjoyed our stay, especially our deluxe $12 accommodations this evening in a tent at a backpackers site next to a big old smelly dumpster. $12 tent site, $50 dinner. We got a nice pad at o'malley's in Sydney, we can sleep later!

Chapter 2....


Anonymous said...

Sweet as, Adam. It's clear you are having a great time and immersing yourself in New Zealand--literally! I'm glad you got to enjoy Wellington and see the glowworms!

Have fun for the rest of us working...Scott

Anonymous said...

it's 40 degrees here & raining...we all should be so lucky to be travelling the world - sounds like you're having a great time - hoist a local beer for me.