Friday, March 10, 2006

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a GREAT city!!! Auckland was a great city! Wellington was a great city!

We've been in Sydney for the past few days, mostly walking around exploring the town. We saw one of the best views in the world at the best mall cafeteria i've ever been to at Bondi Junction. We walked down to Bondi beach which was awesome. We had great Dim Sum on the 5th floor of a building in Chinatown (lonely planet secret treasure). Went down to see the Sydney Opera House, I never actually knew there were really 2 buildings not just one. Did a coastal hike from Bondi to Coogee yesterday and spent some time there then walked back to Bondi Junction. Went to a theater owned by the hare-krishna's to see a movie. The seating was more like lounge chairs and bedding instead of theater chairs. Great sound system, etc. Went to Darling Harbour to do some exploration. Visited the area of Paddington for some markets and some coffee shop people gazing and reading.

We're staying in the Kings Cross area of Sydney, about a 15 minute walk to downtown and the heart of lots of action in the evenings. Our hotel, O'Mally's has air conditioning and is quite cozy. To get to our room in the evenings we walk through the door to the lady's bathroom, then open this gigantic, huge vault like door to climb the stairs to our room, its quite bat-cave-ish. Its also quite disconcerting to people in the pub when they see us pop out of this door, no kidding its about 6 inches thick of steel.

Finished The Lexus and the Olive Tree, I'll post review later.

Tomorrow morning we head off to Brisbane area of the country on a very early 7am flight.

I've been reading the local papers when I get a chance. Its very illuminating to get the perspective on what is happening in their own culture and how they choose to write about it, but its also illuminating to read about how they interpret things going on in America or other parts of the world. I should provide some examples in future postings.


brokenenigma said...

We miss you guys so much! Glad to hear that you are having such a fantastic experience!! We'll need to have an all nighter just to hear about all the stories. We'll give you two a few hours to relax, first, upon your arrival back into PDX. :) Have fun and keep sending those pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam & Stacey! I didn't realize that you were posting to your blog about Aussie land until talking to Becky last night. Should have known.

It's a great idea. Friends of mine did that on their travels across Europe using emails. Looked forward each day to the next serial installment!

I've only read the Syndey post. I'll catch up on more later when I have some time.

Hope you are well. I assume the cyclone I heard about didn't affect you. Sounds like you're in the southeast part right now.

I do agree about your statement on seeing ourselves through other people's eyes. While I was in Tunisia, I didn't even need to be able to understand the language to learn. The images on the nightly news, the political cartoons, etc, etc.

Have a great trip! I look forward to reading more posts.