Friday, September 19, 2008

Travels to Argentina - buenos aires

Spent three days in buenos aires. Got to walk around town and sample the various neighborhoods. Favorite was Palermo area and the microcentro. We stayed at hotel frossard which was good location for first arrival but a bit touristy. Lots of people mentioned the steaks here as something to be amazed by butnso far it's been quantity over quality. Price is amazing, around ten bucks for a huge steak. Wine has been equally even a better value actually living up to expectations completely. One great suprise is the homemade pasta everywhere. A real treat.

Visited the street markets and got a sense of the local flair. Stacey found a nail in her quiche at a famous cafe where lots of writers artists and such from argentinian history have their photos on the wall.

Was pleasantly suprised at proliferation of wifi nearly everywhere it made sense. Mccafes, bars, random restaurants and coffee shops. The folks in Argentina love their cafe con leche. It's in everything they can shove it in and get away with it. Basically Its a soft caramel substance . Tasty but preferred in smaller quantities.

Writing from my iPhone from a hostel in the Patagonia.

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