Friday, September 19, 2008

travels to bariloche Argentina

we've spent the past three days in the Patagonia region of Argentina. Bariloche is a fairly large town set in the lakes district and serves as a jumping off point for lots of national park and winter sport activities. We did some horseback riding for an entire day cmplete with some empenadas roasted on a fire and some yerba mate with our hosts....was a super cool day. I was a little freaked out a few times going through some deep water on my horse when it decided to start playing in the water. Our guide casually explilained it wanted to roll over and it was no big deal...whatever. Scared me quite a bit. Despite those moments it was an incredible journey that went pretty far out across several ranches in the area up I to the snow pack then back down again. A big challenge was keeping warm since we've packed lighter than ever for this trip. 2 weeks with carry on only and if I can I will always do this in the future!

Bariloche is known for it's chocolate and there's several little shops around, all with a slightly different taste and their own unique styles. It's been fun just sampling them. Our favorite have been at a place call choula gouya and another who's name I think is mama lua.

Our hostel here is awesome. It's on the 10th floor of a mixed use building right in the heart of town. Has a weird feel to it because you feel like you're entering an office building, take the elevator to the top
Floor and look for a discrete door labelled '1004'. When you enter it feels like a typical hostel but with giant windows and great views all around the town, the mountain ranges, and the lake.

We leave later today on a 20+ hour bus ride to the wine region and town of Mendoza. After a few days there we will be taking another 20+ hour ride to salta in northwestern Argentina deeper into the Andes.

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