Saturday, January 22, 2011

facebook interface woes

so, i want to keep a friend but not see their posts (i like the person, but i can't handle the deluge of posts that cause me to miss other important posts). logically, this would be to click on the user, then edit some person specific settings, but i'm not finding any ability to do this.

first one with correct solution gets $1.


Anonymous said...

Scroll to the bottom of the News Feed page and click the "Edit Options" link. That should give you some control over what shows up in the feed.


Anonymous said...

I take it back it looks like things have changed a little bit. Now you just click the "x" next to a post from of theirs and you get the options.

Anonymous said...

jamie gets the $1!

wow, that's very clean UI design. i click the 'X', which should delete the post, instead i get a list of options of what i can do with all of the users posts instead of this specific post.

i swear....who builds this stuff?