Monday, May 13, 2013

Travels to Budapest, Hungary

Spent a few days visiting the historic city of Budapest. The feeling here is a large European capital. We stayed on castle hill. Toured the parliament which was remarkable. Walked the hill to the Chain bridge multiple times. Lots of history. One highlight was a non-tourist wine tasting in a several hundred year old wine cellar. Only disappointment was we were a little time constrained due to a previous engagement. Also had some excellent dumplings filled with chicken. In most cases, ‘dumplings’ were really just very small doughballs. Was surprised to find many dishes flavored with a delicious paprika which is a red spice. Another favorite was ‘goulash’ which was a stew of meat, potatoes , some other veggies and generous use of paprika in the sauce.

a latte from a fancy coffee shop:

statue of bridge and guy near the parliament building:

our rental car...just kidding

some statues....

this is the part of the castle wall in budapest that was defended by the fisherman centuries ago. rebuilt and now a bar/tourist attraction.
 it is anonymous!

a coke, potato chips, and a donut value meal. oh, and pizza! not only in america!
 castle in budapest:

famous statue

ronald reagan statue, next to the controversial (and last) communist monument standing in city of budapest.

bioshock like font
 mcdonalds ketchup in the grocery store!

several hundred year old wine cellar located under the hilton hotel by a few hundred meters!

a very old espresso machine
 a very new espresso bar. needs fresher beans.

 a late night gelato run with the khronos klub:

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