Thursday, May 30, 2013

Travels to Cinque Terra, Genoa, Barolo, Milan

Cinque Terra, a view from our hotel room in Vernazza.
After finishing a hike on one of the lower trails, we get to the end to find a 'trail closed' sign. Might have been good to post this at the beginning of the trail on both sides, was admittedly a fairly treacherous walk.
On a short hike into the Italian Alps near Aosta we came across this giant tunnel thing.
A view of the town of Vernazza from the lower trail between Vernazza and Monterroso:
A view of the town of Corniglia:
Vineryards around Barolo:
Another view of the vineyards:
Panorama, more vineyard.
Finish your day with some water, only 59 Euros.
Kidding, if that isn't good enough there is some for 250 Euros (>$350 USD)

Was walking around Milan and came across the Duomo, amazing architecture.

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