Monday, May 13, 2013

Travels to Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was impressive. It is another European city with lots of old buildings, etc. Reminded me a bit of Barcelona. A welcome small town feel relative to the largeness of Budapest. Prague had a smaller core and we spent a good bit of time just wandering around into various artisan shops. Also took a Segway tour of the hills of the city which was our first time on a Segway, very fun! It took about 5 minutes of training and we had a great time.

Our hotel was in the area called XXX and was centrally located just near the Charles bridge. I discovered XX served at the local foodie restaurant/bar called Lokal. There were two locations. Essentially this was the freshest beer one can get and I got to try Pilsner Urquell served this way. It was very fresh and had a soft, smooth taste.  Generally Pilsner Urquell in the US is served out of a bottle and is in the normal bitter/bad beer category, nothing special or unspecial, just a bottle of average yuck with increasing levels of awfulness as it attains room temperature. Served this way it was fantastic and highly recommended. 

apparently there is a budweiser in the czech republic that is not the budweiser in the US. yes, i tried it. It is not the same.

an image from a coffee shop in prague...choco cafe:

from our segway tour:

an image by the astronomer's clock:
Tank beer, much improved this what real Pilsner Urquell tastes like?

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