Thursday, November 03, 2005


Since moving to the pacific northwest I’ve become quite an espresso snob (don’t drink coffee much but I do love the latte’s). We tend to steer away from Starbucks unless it’s the only thing around. Personally, I think Starbucks is quite good when the barista is good, I just look for alternatives when I’m in a town like Portland when there are so many shops to choose from that make delicious drinks. There is a web site to help you find your non-corporate coffee at

some of my favorites (and all of them have free wireless!):
World cup at 18th and Glisan, Powell’s, and the Ecotrust building in the Pearl
Common Grounds around 50th and Hawthorne
Stumptown on 3rd, one on Belmont, and one on Powell.

In Seattle: Victrola on 15th and Bauhaus on Pike/Pine near downtown.

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