Monday, November 07, 2005

Tornado in Evansville and Newburgh...

Early Sunday morning a tornado tore through my hometown, destroyed many homes and killed over 20 people. At this point, all family and friends have been accounted for and are thankfully doing fine. Chad and I lived about a mile from each other in Newburgh, he sent me a link to some images:

Here is a slide show of some areas close to where I used live. Evidently, the tornado went up Bell Road, and down Lincoln and then out by 261 and 66.

When things like this happen, so close to home, its always chilling, and those terrifying moments when you just don't know if everyone is okay, and if they aren't okay you can do NOTHING about it from so far away, its just scary as hell. Normally, when there is a tornado, you can see the sky changing and you know its a possibility, but this happened late at night, in a season when tornadoes aren't as common. I think its taken everyone by suprise and it makes it that much harder to handle.

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