Tuesday, November 08, 2005

XBox 360 at best buy already!

So, i wandered into Best Buy looking at scanners yesterday, and my wandering eyes catch a glimpse of a shiny white new white box. That's right folks, the XBOX360 is available to play/demo at Best Buy already. I was kinda suprised. The other interesting thing is there was this 'casual shopper' who was a bit more...knowledgeable than your average 19 year old snowboarder about the games, graphics available, and demos. He was giving out all kinds of information on the different games, demos, etc. and trying to get folks to stick around as long as possible to chat. When one guys g/f stopped by to go, the guy was like 'oh no, wait, wait...did you see the new blah blah blah demo'. i'm pretty sure this guy was getting a paycheck for his efforts, but it definitely wasn't apparent (no name tags, no mention of being there to demo, etc.). congrats to the marketing machines and the authenticity movement within.

call of duty and ghost recon looked unbelievable.

no, they were not available for purchase.

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