Monday, August 21, 2006

Microsoft Share Buyback stupidity....

Okay, so i get this letter the other day, its like 60 pages long and says the following:

"Microsoft would like to buy your Microsoft shares from you for a price between ~24 and 25 and some change". We can't tell you which of the numbers in between those two numbers we will buy it for, we can only say it will be somewhere in between these two values.

Would you like to sell your shares for that price?

Can I ask what the value is in this escapade? If I wanted to sell my shares why wouldn't I just log onto my account and click 'sell'. best of all, if i wanted to sell at less than market value, which is what the letter was asking, I would just sell at a lower value.

How much did it cost to send every shareholder of MS (or 'lots of shareholders') this letter? I just don't get it.

If the letter said:

Hey, we want your shares and we know you don't want to sell them, but what if we give you 10% more than they are trading for on such and such a date" maybe that i would have responded to.

Maybe I'm just missing something here, but the only thing it proved is that alot of us have no desire to get rid of our shares of the company, but that is already reflected in the stock price.



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