Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My new toy: XBox360!

Did a little shopping this weekend. Found this great deal at Circuit City: interest free financing until 2008 (yes, i financed my game console), a free wireless controller if i bought a game with it, some rechargeable batteries for the 2 wireless remotes, also picked up a copy of Saint's Row and got a 13 month gold membership for $39, good deal from what i have seen best is usually around $49.

I really like the xbox360, it seems to do lots of things right (fast, easy, etc.) and i just love the xbox live experience.

And, my xbox360 has its own blog here! I'll post a link to it on the right hand side later.

Stacey and I went through a bunch of game demos just checking them out, and I watched the gears of war trailer like 5 times, its awesome!

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