Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Suicide of Sony begins...

what do DAT, Beta, MemoryStyx, and Bluray have in commmon? all Sony attempts to force media standards on the world that failed/will fail but in the most esoteric corners of media. its oddly obvious this time. calling it blu-ray. hd-dvd...hmmmm...can the consumer guess what hd-dvd has that dvd doesn't? what about blu-ray?

sony employees have a favorite river: de nile

NYTimes slams the PS3 here


i'll be enjoying my wii60 through the holidays.


Anonymous said...

add to that list Mini Disc, yet another sony format that didn't catch on.

KimPallister said...

In the US!

I was surprised to see how many retailers carry (and prominently feature/place) a wide selection of MD players in Japan. I'd imagine it's indicative of a sustainable market there.

adam lake said...

yes, i realize japan in the one place that sony is able to have success with their initiatives. i recall dats being popular there as well.