Sunday, November 12, 2006

XBox Gears of War

Spent a good portion of the weekend playing the new xbox. bought gears of war and have made it to some nasty dude RAAM which i think is the final battle and am having some trouble with him. i am a huge fan of the game, it is just amazing. the graphics look outstanding, the gameplay mechanics are great, the different sceneraios are sufficiently challenging but not frustrating, and the stop and pop style used for the fighting feels more like a real firefight than the 'run and shoot your enemy straight on' style of other FPSs. i like the way the damage icon shows up in the middle of the screen, truly and symbolically impairing your sight as you would if you were injured. also discourages you from doing the run and gun style in other fps games even if you wanted to.

i also played the online version for a few minutes. unlike previous multiplayer style games, i didn't feel like i was getting utterly anhilated by the kids i was playing against, and i just love being able to have a microphone to talk to people while we are playing. this game is great, as is my new 360 :)

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