Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gears of War Co-op

I had a question the other day when a friend came over. Not wanting to lose my progress on hard-core, I was concerned about starting a new game because of a warning that came up about ‘saved progress will not be saved’ . Turns out that our confusion (I say ‘our’ confusion because the question was posted on several online forums as well with various incorrect answers) is because the save system is so much better done than we’ve seen in the past and allows for the dropping in of friends to play online, in person, etc. and not losing your progress on various difficulty settings as well as being able to play all the scenarios you’ve worked through. Here’s the result: the last menu option that says something like ‘play previous checkpoint’ or something like that is a confusing label: what this actually does is bring up a menu of all the previously saved checkpoints and what difficult you have completed that level on so you can pick the level you want to play with a friend or otherwise.

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