Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Been doing a bit of espresso research...

After my trip to Europe the past few days I discovered the nespresso line of machines. Beautiful devices they are. basically, pod based espresso. I'm editing this via blogger, who assumes because my IP address is in Russia I must know Russian, so I have no idea when I click on a button if its the right one. Its like 'try this, try this try this one...'

A quote from here (,category,coffee.aspx): "So do I miss that cup from Starbucks? Not at all. Even the worst of these pods are going to be better than 90% or more of the espresso that I've had from Starbucks. Any espresso drinker will tell you that they just don't have the machines or the talent to pull a proper shot. I stick to the frou-frou drinks at Starbucks that are over laden with milk and flavor syrups, 'cause their espresso just isn't good enough. Of course that means for my current double shot I am paying around $1-$1.25, at Starbucks, after loading it up with crap I didn't really want just to make the coffee palatable, I'd pay around $3.75-$4. And that is an expense I certainly won't miss."

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