Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Travels to Spain: Madrid and Barcelona


madrid was nice. was actually able to use a little spanish, although i came to rely on allison who had a much higher verbal aptitude in spanish than i. we spent two nights wandering the streets of madrid before heading to barcelona.

barcelona is awesome. we only got two nights there and i feel like i needed more time. some pics are below. barcelona is a sitting that has lots of art and beauty and museums and cosmopolitism. i was really impressed and want to go back. particularly impressive was the architecture and art of the famous artists gaudi which i had never seen in person before.

i was just mega impressed with the organic forms his work takes and the lack of its influence in modern building techniques given our desire for malleability of the world. i was anxious to try some absinthe since i heard about it, but let me say its highly, highly overrated. what a great marketing scam! essentially, its just a licorice based liquer, and for whatever reason its only available in barcelona. just not a big deal, unless of course the type i tried wasn't the real thing.

barcelona is a great place and i'd love to go back sometime.

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