Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A few diet hints to think about...

Consumer Reports listed top dieting strategies based on research and statistics gleaned from the National Weight Control Registry, which enrolls people who have lost 30 pounds and kept the weight off for at least a year. They were:

1. Eat a substantial morning meal

2. Crank up the activity

3. Fill up on "low density" or low calorie foods

4. Step regularly on the scale

5. Bore yourself thin as the more monotonous the diet, the less one will eat


Matt said...

Agreed. I've lost 15lbs in the last 4 weeks and keep dropping with another 10-15 before I hit my goal.

1. If you eat a big morning meal, you feel fuller and eat less at lunch and since you weren't hungry half the day, dinner is easy to take it easy on. But the biggest weight-loss time is over night.

2. I did a very, very simple workout routine. Goal was simply to do something for an hour - even if it was just to go for a walk. I might run, but never hard or strenously. it was for fun - but do it EVERY day. The littlest exercise every day is 2x better than 3 strenous ones that you soon lothe to go to and...
Also, get busy with projects and fun things. Get up and go out with friends. See a show. If you're just sitting around veggin - you'll pick up a drink or a snack and there you go again.

4. Every morning so you know when and how much you're losing. I'm usually amazed, but it lead me to understand a new point:

6. (matt's note) You lose most of your weight at NIGHT while you're sleeping. I confirmed this by weighing before/after sleeping. So, I exercise around 6-7pm each night, eat a nice light dinner, then go to bed and matabolize that off. If I eat heavy right before I go to sleep (say 10-11pm) I might weigh more in the morning. So, eat well during the day, but take it easy so you can burn off at night. But you only burn if your metabolism is up, so exercise in the afternoon too.

Matt said...

7. Oh yeah - and drink lots of water or watery tea all day. If you keep drinking, you feel fuller.