Monday, July 24, 2006

Jamie Hill has a blog!

Jamie Hill emailed me the other day. Apparently he has a blog that I wasn't aware of. Jamie and I go way back to our college days at the ever inspiring University of Evansville. I've added him to 'the list' on the right hand side of the page.

Jamie knows boatloads about networking, routers, POTS, switches, Cisco stuff, guitars, and women. He lives in New England and telecommutes to work in Evansville, IN. He also has a free java call waiting app on his site but I guess you gotta have a phone line routed into your computer or something like that.

For more Jamie check out:

My first triathalon!

Finished my first triathalon yesterday, it was awesome! My chain fell off during my bike ride and I had some challenges not having done any real swimming. Ever. But it was a sweet time in Bend. The tri was called the deschutes dash.