Sunday, April 24, 2016

Reminders for a las vegas trip

limited number of wifi devices at some hotels (4 at wynn)
excess 3$ credit card fee on taxis
resort fee for hotel (~$35)
no hot water making capability in some rooms, bring something to heat water

queens/rooms with 2 beds on golf resort side, room feels smaller
preference is strip-side not golf side.
paid $40 (including tax) for panorama upgrade, worth it, don't like the smaller/lower rooms, not worth cost of travel to get there IMO.
require king panorama upgrade on strip side

check on pool availability, wind effects, also december will not have both pool available.
colder in dec. not likely to want to use pool at that point.
dolphin and tigers $20/head. interesting, but mandalay bay is better value
paris baguette has/had poke bowls, great lunch value
early checkin just a rip off that puts in you in crappy room they couldn't sell the night before

flight: 6am out to arrive in vegas early was not needed.
leaving around 2pm was great.
recommend next time to depart later but perfect leave time given check out was noon.

don't forget pre-check for everyone in party