Monday, May 25, 2009

Church Brewery in Pittsburgh!

I know Matt (aka Father Fife) will love this one: in an old catholic church in Pittsburgh they've converted it into a brewery rather than tear it down. Its a really beautiful building with great food and imbibes.

these were taken on a recent short stay in Pittsburgh area around Mother's day. We spent a solid day sightseeing all around Pittsburgh that includeed a tour of several neighborhoods, a view from Mt. Washington, and a tour of the Frick Estate.

The Ultimate Rock Band Setup

This is the ultimate Rock Band setup a friend of mine has built. It has a real drumset wired into the rock bank drumkit wiring so you can practice and improve your playing of real drums. Each note maps to the correct drum.

There is a projector hooked up for the guitar, bass, and microphone band members and the drummer has his own HD LCD so he does not have to look away from the drumset.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Game Programming Gems 8 Call for Abstracts!

Abstracts for Game Programming Gems 8 are now being accepted at The eighth of this popular series, as with previous versions, aims to gather and share the latest gems from the game development community. Game Programming Gems 8 will include sections on General Programming, Mathematics, Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Physics, Networking/Multiplayer, Audio, and a special segment on General Purpose Programming on GPUs for Game Developers. Join us in advancing the state of art in Game Development!

Experienced game programmers are encouraged to submit proposals by July 10, 2009. Final articles will be due on October 1, 2009. Series editor Mark DeLoura, book editor Adam Lake, and section editors will help select and prepare articles for publication. The book will be available in time for the Game Developers' Conference in 2010, with authors receiving a royalty based on the book's sales. Submission guidelines are available on the Web site: Please feel free to forward this announcement to other potential authors.