Tuesday, February 12, 2019

FLOPS of consoles over time...

Ack to Darrel Palke for the link:


Sunday, February 03, 2019

MBP stability with 3 external displays

Not totally root caused, but making this note to myself: When attaching a 3rd external 4k display I was able to get it to work but came home from dinner after entire rebuild and hours (not days) of stability to a BSOD. Rebooting and it seems that 3rd external display seems to wreak havoc. Went back to 2 external and using the laptop display for still 3 total. Recall the reason for my entire rebuild was when pulling out the same 4k display adapter that cause me to lose audio and Skype abilities....just deciding to stay away from a 3rd external display for now. Not worth the issues ATM.

Maybe total video bandwidth issues? Working past thermal limits where there wasn't adequate testing of drivers?  Cheap external 4k display? Cheap external adapters from USB-C to DP and/or HDMI (both seemed to create problems).

no time to root cause, solved the problem short term and moved on.

update: 2/11/19, stable after one week by going to the 2 external+laptop display vs. the 3 external.