Tuesday, July 19, 2005

my new motorola RAZR

bought myself a new black Motorola razr last week. I really invested in an entire slew of communication tools. since my previous 3 phones have all been nokia, IÂ’m very invested in their product lines and had to make the transition to the new phone, so hereÂ’s the breakdown:

$199 for the phone (I got a $50 credit by asking, so i actually paid $149)
$99 Motorola HS105 headset (works great so far, $20 rebate right now)
$25 for a car charger
$25 for a charger to keep with me for travel
$25 for a nice little case IÂ’ll use for awhile

so basically, I had to shell our around $375 to make this transition seamless as possible. however, steep learning curve, new phone, new bells and whistles, etc.

now, as I mentioned, the phone is absolute gorgeous and feels wonderful in your hand. I haven't yet figured out all the features, and there is some stupid AOL instant messenger stuff built into the phone, wired right into my start screen (how annoying can that be, and I thought this was supposed to be a status symbol...AOL?) anyway, the phone has been quite a conversation piece, as should any new piece of technology until the next coolest phone comes along in 2 months to knock this one down into the heap of progress in a throw away society.

the camera: I love the camera. now, I just have one with me in my pocket, I can just use whenever I feel. its empowering. and this is a full 640x480 image which is pretty darned cool.
the Bluetooth headset: so far, seems to work very well. the other day I was in a conference call for work and I was able to wander around my condo and leave the phone on the table in another room and it worked great. that was impressive. and to dial, its sweet, you can just push a button on the phone and say a previously recorded string (usually the persons name) into the phone and it will dial them. no more looking through the phone book, very excited about this feature. true, many phones have had this, but I just figured out speed dial on my last phone about 6 months ago so I am a late adopter of the voice activated technology. as I can tell this phone can stay inside my pocket while the headset can be the only device used for general calling purposes.

I still need to figure out how to xfer the images on the phone to my computer or over the phone's network. IÂ’ll post some images later once I figure that out.

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