Tuesday, July 19, 2005

travels to busch gardens

road a slew of roller coasters at busch gardens in Williamsburg, va. I haven’t ridden coasters in YEARS, so this was especially exciting. a few things to maximize level of fun: ride at night, in the dark, and in the FRONT of the coaster. that’s an INCREDIBLE rush. also, going at night is great because there are NO LINES. my favorite coasters were the alpengeist and the big bad wolf, which has a crazy 99ft. drop, which turns sharply at the bottom, a totally crazy rush. Another new ride was curse of the dark castle. this was a VR experience: using stereoscopic glasses you ride through a bunch of stereo displays as your cart moves to a set of displays throughout the ride. the climax is a virtual drop from very high up that felt VERY realistic. all in all a great experience.

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