Monday, April 13, 2009

Portland Parking Ticket online payment

its completely impossible to find online, and if you call during non business hours you can't get a website for payment (just a vx mail that says 'we're closed now, call back during...'). i am completely baffled, nowhere on the citation nor the envelope is any of this listed.

To pay by credit card, go to this website (but only from 6am to 9pm, the hours the internet is open i guess):


Leah said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! Your blog actually came up 4th when I googled "pay parking ticket online portland oregon" and the pdx transportation sites that were 1-3 told me nothing I needed to know. Who knows how long it would have taken me to try the court house site. What a mess of info these municipal guides are.

Thanks again,

Leah - fellow PDXer caught over-parking

Anonymous said...

It's much easier to pay for parking in Israel than in the US--you guys live in the stone age.

In Israel you can buy a small "parking machine" at the post office. You charge this machine up with some amount of money--say $100. When you park, you hang this machine on your window, type the code for the area you are parking in--for example, Tel Aviv, Haifa, or Jerusalem (each city needs to receive the revenue for your parking, and different cities charge different amounts for parking, so this is why you need to enter the code)--and then turn the machine on. It then starts draining the money from the machine. When you return to your car, you turn the machine off, and it stops charging you for the parking.

If you don't use the parking machine, you can still pay the normal way (coins, credit cards, ...). However, if you've paid and your time expires, you can call a special number from your cell phone. The service connected to this number links your cell phone number to your license plate, and allows you to pay for parking through your cell phone.

-- Jared

Lawrence said...

Thanks, this is exactly what I needed.

To Jared - You forgot we have parking time limits. You also forget parking tickets are easy revenue for the city.

I got a ticket in Israel before, waiting in line to pay at the post office is very high tech.

Anonymous said...

The ticket I got yesterday (grr) has this URL on the envelope:

The link in the sidebar for paying tickets is

In addition to the limited hours, the site requests that you don't pay your ticket for two days after receiving it! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am so frustrated! I called the court today to find my citation # and was told the ticket wasn't given by the city it was a private company. I asked who is contracted and she gave me the name and number but it was the wrong number! How do I find out who and where to pay. ( I lost the envelop and letter! I can't believe this!)
If anyone know what I could do PLEASE help!

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