Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Arrival in Auckland...

Well...what a trip! We've been flying for over 26 hours. We hit LA and Chad picked us up late in the evening (11pm) at the airport. We had some time that night to catch up and did some sightseeing around LA the next day. Went to the Farmer's Market, which is an old LA market that's been around since the 30's at least. Went down to Santa Monica and walked around the peir. Stacey was sucked into a Zara on the 3rd Street Promenade and Chad, Vincent, and I watched the street performers. Jacklyn disappeared into the basement of the Gap looking at kids stuff. Had an excellent dish at Testavere's or whatever that place is on the Promenade.

We then jumped on a plane and headed West. Way west. To Melbourne, then to Sydney, finally Auckland. Qantas is a good airline. The food was great, flights were on time. Seating was a little tight but no moreso than any other flights.

Despite me having the wrong name on my Visa, leaving my phone in Chad's car, getting us to the wrong gate in Sydney, getting busted by customs for having honey roasted peanuts (they were a suprise for stacey!), getting my shaving cream taken from me at Melbourne security check-in and a corkscrew that has a tiny blade on it, we managed to make it here on time. After checking into the airport and getting a quick shower we walked the streets in Auckland a bit, its now about 1am New Zealand time. Not sure what tomorrow holds. Perfect :)

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