Saturday, February 18, 2006

Return safely from the Milford Trek

Just wanted to do a quick post and say we have both returned safe and sound from the Milford Trek. I'll post more details soon. We're tired and sore. In the middle of the rain forest we managed to have 4 days of NO rain. The previous day in Te Anau was total downpour, so we were prepared for much worse. We're limping around town now, no injuries but muscles are plenty sore. Haven't hurt this much since a 3 hour dodgeball session!

For those that have written emails, I will try to get back to you soon. We're around Queenstown today and tomorrow just hanging out and recovering.

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Chad said...

Adam & Stace,

Congrats on the trek! Jacqueline and I have been avidly reading and enjoying your pix. Keep sending.

I did a 3 mile trek at the outlet mall yesterday carrying a 20 pound bag of potatoes (vincent). Sore today on our journey to the farmers market down the block.