Saturday, February 11, 2006

Days 2: Queenstown

Yesterday we hiked up a local mountain. At the top there was a luge, 2 tracks. A fast track and scenic route. We took a ride on each one of them and took the gondola back down the mountain. The hike, while very steep, was actually much shorter time wise than it looked. I would have estimated a several hour hike and we finished it in about an hour. Beautiful views at the top. Some treacherous hiking in the first half but it got easy after that.

After we returned I took some time to sit on the escape, and overlook the lake and did some reading, then did a bit of shopping around town. Discovered a whole area I hadn't really seen much of that had a few pubs, trendy bars, and some more shops. We played some Set at the pub later in the evening. Ate salad and took in the view from a park bench by our hotel. Was cooler last night than the previous night. Saw a magician do some tricks and listened to some bagpipes.

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