Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Auckland urban adventure

Today we wandered around Auckland. Took in the sites. Had a lamb kabob at a lebanese place that was EXCELLENT. Visited the Auckland Museum and Auckland Domain, a giant park in the city, was beautiful. Did LOTS of walking around the town, just enjoying the sites and sounds of a new city. For dinner, we went to the Hogshead Brewery. Walked Queen St., down to Victoria street, into a suburb that then connected to Khatmandu St. and we took this to the park. The Museum was a war museum. Wondered about war and its potential inevitability for man. Went to a very cool bar called Minus 5 that is....well...kept at -5 degrees. You have to wear a coat and gloves its so cold, and its filled with cool ice sculptures. Took some pictures. Getting kicked out of Internet Cafe....

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