Monday, February 13, 2006

Day 5: Preparations for Milford

Today we spent the day nursing our bodies from the river surfing the day before. We have to be very well rested for our 3 night/4 day journey down the milford trek. We made a list of the things we needed and did some shopping at the local stores. Got enough food for 4 days in the woods for 2 people, which is quite a bit of food. Also broke in my new cooking stove with some fuel and some eggs we hard boiled. Works like a champ! The packs are full now and we're all checked out of our hotel. We worked most of the day on this project...getting the food, packing the packs...phew! Tomorrow we'll be in a micro-town called Te-Anau before heading out to the trek the next morning on a boat ride across a river where we start the trek.

Tonight we had a burger at the Fergburger in town. Stacey had one made of deer meat. Mine was just New Zealand beef. We paid for ketchup...or, as they call it, tomato sauce. The chips are great...or i mean the fries. But they think ketchup is a gourmet topping. Tip #1 if you are going to New Zealand, France, or anywhere else: check on the ketchup policies. if they don't agree with you, bring Heinz!



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