Monday, July 02, 2007

3 days with my iPhone

A few comments about this device: first and most important: it is not a phone, it is not a computer, it is in fact something in between. A mash-up of all my favorite things my computer can do for me with all the things my phone used to do for me only better. plus an mp3 player.

the interface...oh the interface...i could write poems about how nice it is. the touch screen works great. the zoom feature on google maps by squeezing your fingers together or moving them apart is truly intuitive.

today on the way home from work, i looked up mac and cheese recipes in the parking lot of fred meyer and just walked in to

the screen is beautiful. battery life is (so far) easily a full day. just got ipod functionality last night.

haven't tried bluetooth yet.

2 megapixel camera is solid.

edge network can be slow, wifi worked well. i wanted to post this blog entry via iphone but maybe i'll do that later.

keypad on screen is okay/still getting used to it.

voice quality, etc. is great.

love the visual, downloaded voice mails. this productivity enhancement ALONE justifies the price for me.

hoping i don't lose it, my new iphone.

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Anonymous said...

Think i'll wait it out. tales like this worry me:

I never purchase 1st gen tech gear just like I don't buy 1st gen automobiles. But I'm glad to hear you've no issues with yours yet..