Saturday, July 07, 2007

One week with my iPhone

So I've had my phone for a week now. Last night we left to see some music in Lake Oswego at Lacey's, forgot to look up the directions. Whoops! (This is the Josh problem...when you hang with Josh, the fun moves to fast, you can't think straight, and you end up driving 20 miles out to the suburbs to see live music....explain that one.

oh, so back to the story...out pops the jesus phone to gasps in the's that going to fix it? I SMS google for
Lacey's Lake Oswego, OR. Bam! up pops the address. I type it into google maps (there's probably a way to get it straight into GMaps, but i don't know it yet). My home address is already bookmarked. Bam! Google maps provides driving directions on the screen to our destination, step by step if i'm interested.

The battery life rumors: I don't get it. I have used the phone for hours every day at this point and not even gotten it below 50% (yet).

I did have an episode yesterday, a couple funny things. i had it in my pocket, it was pretty hot outside, and when i tried
to unlock it the unlocking slider on the screen wouldn't slide. I had to lock/unlock the phone with teh physical button on teh side. I rebooted and it fixed the problem. About 20 minutes later I got a phone call and noticed the screen was blank so i couldn't push the 'answer' button. This was strange. I couldn't shut the phone off (or couldn't tell it was shutting off cause the display (driver) was crashed it seems. I did get the menubar on the top of the screen but nothing in the big window in the middle. I took it home and redocked it to the computer and it was fine after a rescynch and reboot.

If you're the kind of person looking for a reason to not buy the phone you can feel great relief and vindication that I have had a problem. The wait and see attitude has been validated. This in fact is usually my stance with technology (see recent $1 billion charge for xbox overheating). In this one case I felt willing to deal with a few expected glitches in such a revolutionary device. In fact, I expect even more serious glitches to come. along with new features :)

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