Saturday, July 07, 2007

Cool iPhone Apps and Developers Guide

If only one had infinite time!

Here is the iPhone Developer Guide I found pointed at from the above site. Lots of good info to get started developing iPhone Apps.

My favorite so far is the movie listing app suggested in the WSJ yesterday here. You type your zip code and can get to all movie listings in your area. Next, you can click a time to purchase and it takes you directly to fandango (who charges you a buck to get you a ticket, a BUCK!! This should be like $.25. You can also click on address and it jumps you to a visual representation in Google Maps. Ahhhhh...

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Anonymous said...

;)...Infinite Time is an oxymoron...This blog is not good for explaining why (would need to show some equations). How about a web 2.0 plugin on the site to an equation editor?