Saturday, July 07, 2007

How to get a free iPhone

Just for fun, I thought I'd post the status of my free iPhone. Here we go:

Current Price 26 shares at 132 = 3432
Bought 16 AAPL @ 124.9894 = 2000
bought 10 AAPL @ 89.53 = 895.30
Total cost basis: 2895.3
Total Taxes: 0 (roth IRA)

Total Gain(loss): 536.7
Total Phone Cost: $600

Maybe I shoulda bought the 4GB version, woulda had a free phone in 7 days!

Sweet Phone. Sweet Sweet Phone.


Nico said...

To be fair, I bet you didn't buy those $80 shares 7 days ago ;-)

Anyway, I wish I had been as smart as you..

adam lake said...

yes this is correct. i did not buy those shares 7 days ago, i believe i bought them in february-march time frame anticipating the upside from the iphone (and the positive 5 star rating by s&p on aapl).

related rant: I long ago abandoned trusting my ability to guess the stock market and now rely heavily on s&p 500 reports to influence my stock purchases. i'm just no good at it and lost enough to abandon trusting my instincts for stock market investing. returns have been much better by leveraging these reports (as a general rule i buy nothing without a 5 star s&p rating, i'd consider 4 stars).

adam lake said...

i went ahead and deleted the 'free iphone in 7 days' to just 'free iphone', first title was misleading, good catch!